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Things to know

 * 40-50% of lashes considered to be a refill, anything less than that will be charged for a fullset.

* 15 min. past appointment may not be seen and will be charged.

* 24-hour cancellation policy, will not be refunded after 24 hours. 

* Arrive to appointment with clean lashes, and no eye makeup.

* Park in spot #202 on the left side, when you enter the gate, if that spot is taken,street parking is also available.

* All new clients must sign a consent form. ​

* Sensitive adhesive available upon request.

* If you had a lash lift or have damage to your natural lashes contact me before making an appointment.


How long before i need a refill? 

* It depends on how you take care of the lashes, they need to be kept clean, and handled with care. but typically 2-3 weeks.

How do i make an appointment?

* On my website there is a button that says book a lash appointment. I require 100% deposit to book the appointment. No walk ins.


Are you allergic to latex, or carbon black?

*If you are allergic to latex gloves, condoms, some eyeliners, or eye shadows you most likely have an allergy to the adhesive, if it contains it. (ask me questions, i have solutions!)

How to i take care of my lashes?

* Do not pull or touch them. Clean and brush them everyday. Read the back of your products to see if they are oil based. Oil is not your friend when it comes to lashes, it will de-bond the adhesive. Avoid putting high heat such as blow dryer, saunas, or oven. The high heat will pull the curl out of the lashes.

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