​I see eyelash extensions as an art. Like any art, there are different styles and techniques. Since I have cultivated many styles over the years, I want to encourage my students to take the skills that I teach and find the way that works best for them. The avarage lash artist salary in the usa is $48,700 to $82,875 per year. Do I need to say more?!

I want to provide the best knowledge and technique for all of my students with a direct and practical approach.  My goal is not only to educate you to become an eyelash extension technician, but also to continue that training, helping you further your career. I believe that smaller, more intimate classes are the most efficient way to learn. My classes provide you with more one-on-one time in a calm and positive environment. I will cover techniques developed and perfected by professionals. I am completely dedicated to giving all of my students the best experience possible. Feel free to contact me with career questions, any issues with products, and/or follow-up training questions. I am here to ensure your success in your career as an eyelash extension artist!

Private one on one classic & volume lash 1 day class + lash kit + certification - $850

What’s in your kit:

  • 2 trays of lashes( classic &volume)

  • Fan

  • Pick up tweezers

  • Isolation tweezers

  • Bottle of Instant Bond adhesive

  • Mascara brushes

  • Microfiber brushes

  • Adhesive remover (cream type)

  • Lash pads

  • Microfiber tape

  • Glue rings


Basic hygiene, cleansing and prep

  • Allergies and irritations

  • Workplace set-up

  • Learning different types of lashes

  • Thicknesses, curls and lengths of lashes

  • Tweezers selection

  • Lash set designs

  • re-fills and aftercare

  • Proper lash application

  • lash rehab

  • Safe lash extensions removal

  • Hands on practice 

  • Client schedule management

  • Photography

  • Social media

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